a photographer. 


I proudly self-identify as a recovering wedding photographer. I'm from Senoia, GA where my wife and I are raising their two small children. My vision and focus is centered around religion, politics, and anything strange going on in the South.

I have a straight forward and honest approach to photography relying on my endless curiosity and love for meeting new people. Drawn to the unfamiliar, photography is my opportunity to experience and learn new things as both an outsider and a participant. I'm forever chasing the moments that can only be captured by a camera. I shoot with a wide-angle lens and hand-held flash with the aim of making the viewer feel like a participant. My camera is held together by duct tape, JB weld and a $5 vintage lens. 

My work has been featured in The Atlantic, CNN, PetaPixel, The Eye of Photography, The Inspired Eye among many  others. I've had solo exhibitions displaying my “Messiah” and a political photo series at Brickworks Gallery in Atlanta, GA as well as The Rankin Arts Center at Columbus State University. I also have work included in the permanent collection at the Museum of Contemporary Art, GA.

I'm a proud member of Full Frontal—a worldwide collective of similarly accomplished street and documentary photographers.